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Download Shorgul (2016) Full Movie in Hindi 720p HDRip

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    In Maliabad, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Chaudhary (Ashutosh Rana) is a local Jat politician. He is loved and respected by everyone for fighting for their cause. While on the opposite side Ranjit Om (Jimmy Shergill) is a new-generation MLA of the village who wants to win the upcoming election at any cost. He is joined by an orthodox Maulana, who is banging doors to collect funds for a madrassa.

    Chaudhary’s son Raghu (Anirudh Dave) falls in love with a Muslim girl named Zainab (Suha Gezen) in college. Both love each other although Zainab is engaged to Saleem (Hiten Tejwani), a boy from her community. After threats from Saleem, Raghu starts evading her. But when Zainab forcefully invites Raghu to talk to her, the situation quickly rolls over to a complicated sequence of events. Raghu is murdered with the help of Saleem that quickly spirals into communal riots.

    Ranjit and Maulana use the isolated incident to create havoc for their narrow gains and escalates it that lead to Saleem also getting killed. After a political deal with Ranjit, Maulana throws out Zainab out of the community. It is followed by the murder of Chaudhary by the henchmen of Ranjit, who shield Zainab till his last breath. Ranjit wins the elections after the heavy bloodshed but his bonhomie with Maulana will cost his life. Political powerplays once again led the way, as Zainab will get her share of revenge by eliminating Ranjit.

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