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Download Wah Taj (2016) Full Movie in Hindi 720p WebRip

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    It’s a sunny day in Agra. People are getting ready to head off to work while tourists are lining up at the Taj Mahal. But outside Taj Mahal, the atmosphere is different.

    Tukaram Marathe, his wife Sundari and their daughter have laid claim to the land on which Taj Mahal stands. Tukaram says the land belonged to his ancestors and demands it back. His claim is relayed by the media and this puts the authorities in action. The jail minister Visarjan Yadav is sent to sort things out but he ends up making matters worse. Tukaram and Sundari refuse to back down and sit on a hunger strike on the Yamuna plains.

    Repeated attempts from Yadav and the Chief Minister yield no results and the case goes to court. Here, Tukaram is asked to present proof of his claim. He presents letters from Emperors Humayun and Akbar addressed to his ancestors and after testing, it appears that the letters are authentic. Till the matter is in court, Tukaram asks for the Taj Mahal to be shut down for tourists.

    After much deliberation, Tukaram and Sundari strike a deal with the government. They ask to be given land elsewhere in the country for farming. This demand is granted but the problem doesn’t end there. The land they randomly select belongs to a big industrialist who is not willing to let go of it. Unable to arm-twist the government, the industrialist hires a killer to finish Tukaram.

    Tukaram is shot but lives to see another day. It is then that the real motive behind his actions is revealed. Turns out, the industrialist had got Tukaram’s elder brother killed over a land dispute and all this was somewhat a revenge for the same.

    The industrialist threatens Tukaram again and dares him to present proof about his involvement in the murder. This is shot by a secret camera and shown to the world. With Tukaram’s aim achieved, he denounces the claim to the Taj Mahal and things settle down gradually.

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